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Business Meeting

Arrive closer to your business meeting and save the time and frustration of using airline travel. Because we use lighter aircraft, we can fly you to less congested airports closer to major cities. Less time in the air equals more time to conduct business or enjoy your vacation. Arriving closer to a destination is sometimes the most important reason our clients use our aircraft charter.

Critical Shipping

If you need it to get a package somewhere quickly, we can definitely accommodate your special shipping needs. And not just quickly - if you want special handling or have an odd sized item that needs special attention (sometimes that may be a special pet), or anything that we can help get somewhere - please let us know.

Arrive On Jobsite

Sometimes it is necessary and crucial to get yourself or key employees to a job site to quickly evaluate a project. We can sometimes get you closer to the work site than typical commercial airlines because we can fly into smaller airports nearby. Let us know how we can help.

Medical Priority

Is a medical condition keeping you from using airline travel? Or does an urgent medical package need transport? We do not provide medical ambulance service - but we may be able to accommodate your request - just ask.

Personal Trip

Get to a vacation destination and travel in comfort and style. Go on that fishing trip with your family or your buddies. Adventure destinations await! Let us know if we can make it a trip to remember.

Avoid the Airlines

Flying commercial has become a tiresome way to travel. Make any trip more pleasurable by avoiding the crowded airline terminals and annoying lines. Avoid all the aggravating security checks. Private aircraft charter gets you from airport to airport like taking a taxi.

Great reasons to charter with us.

We are your same-day to 3-day travel specialists. We specialize in flying our
clients on short trips to hundreds of destinations.

Save time. Eliminate the time you spend waiting for airport check-in, security. connecting flights and baggage claim. Increase your productivity by conducting business en route without interruptions or distractions. Fly nonstop between destinations to minimize time away from your home or office. And arrive closer to your destination – this can sometimes save you a great deal of time.
Save money. Increase your productivity by conducting business en route and that also means you will be saving money, too. Flying nonstop between destinations minimizes additional travel expenses. Plus our lighter aircraft cost less to operate and are the most efficient to get the job done.
Control your travel schedule. You determine your arrival and departure times. If your schedule changes, you won’t have the fees or hassles often associated with commercial carriers.
Travel with peace of mind. We make your comfort and security a priority. As an FAA Part 135 regulated operation, American Winds maintains control over the quality of its fleet, pilot training, operational standards and passenger/baggage manifests.

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